Run Baby, Run

Tonight was a first for me! I ran while pushing a baby stroller and not just any stroller but one of those nifty jogging strollers. They remind me of the moms I used to see running with them along the streets and boardwalk of the Jersey shore. As a teenager I would think how amazing these moms were and what motivation they have to get out there and move with baby in tow. I admired them and secretly could not wait till the day when I could be a fit and hip momma taking my kid our for a spin.

Since I don’t yet have kids of my own, instead I can live this “dream” vicariously through friends who do. So tonight after work I met up with my 5K buddy (see post from 6/4) in the city to jog the Haine’s Point loop.

She started out pushing the happy baby girl and about a half mile in or so asked if I wanted to take over stroller pushing duties. I gladly obliged. What seemed easy at first–happy baby who does not weigh too much at 11 months and a flat terrain–started to be a bit tougher towards the end. At first holding the stroller seemed like a welcome crutch as it was something to lean on a bit. However, towards the end my arms got a little tired. I realized that not being able to move them back and forth kept me from propelling my body forward as well. I also sensed my body starting to hunch forward. Yet, the baby was happy with her crackers and looking back at us a lot of the time (too much to see with bikers also whizzing by us).  At one point one of my coworkers ran by us.  As I heard her call my name I couldn’t help but chuckle at her thoughts in wondering when I had time to bring a baby into the world! 

All was well until the last leg of our little outing when the baby got fussy (were we running too slow?) Soon enough we were finished, the baby stopped crying and I had a lot of fun catching up with my friend and testing my hand at being runner mom for an evening. Hopefully, my friend appreciated the chance to run unencumbered.  In the meantime, I will learn to better appreciate my workouts running stroller free.

About mileoneandcounting

I'm a young professional living in the Washington, DC area. Since moving here in 2007 I have honed a passion for running and fitness. Growing up I played soccer and softball (and tested track & field for one year). After college I ran a few 5K races, but running was really only a means to staying in shape for me. Never in my wildest imagination had I thought I'd ever run a marathon, let alone three. Nor did I think I'd get the running bug after doing so, but I'll admit I'm hooked! Over the years my blog has grown into so much more than a running blog though. Sometimes I have deep thoughts. Other times I'm simply sharing a training story or a review of a product. Here's the place where you'll learn about me through my many adventures--even I enjoy going back to re-read some posts from time to time. I've also been able to hone my love for health and wellness through my business called IDLife which stands for Individually Designed Life. I'd love to help inspire you to live your best life yet so please don't hesitate to reach out to me and may my words resonate with you. See you on the trails...
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2 Responses to Run Baby, Run

  1. Becky says:

    I had fun tonight, Sal! What a beautiful evening it turned out to be : ) I’m glad you got to experience a stroller jog, and I definitely know what you mean about not having the freedom to utilize the arms. I have found that the trick is to push with one hand when possible leaving the other arm free. This doesn’t work on hills though – whenever you are in the mood for a butt and shoulder workout, come on over and we can run up some hills!

  2. Sarah says:

    You looked great out there! I’ve always thought it must be *so* difficult to run with one of those things!

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