A Blogger’s Life

A friend recently asked me for advice on blogging and it got me thinking more about why I blog and what I hope to achieve with my work. Interestingly enough I must have been thinking about my blog as well (I’ve had a bit of writer’s block on posts due to this long winter) and was in the middle of reading the new book “Share Like An Artist” by Austin Kleon.  

I began blogging in 2011 as a way to document marathon training. I always have enjoyed writing and thought the blog would be a great way to share some of my journey in this world. Since then my site has morphed into much more than I ever anticipated. Kleon shares that we need to be amateurs who “are not afraid to make mistakes or look ridiculous in public….they know that contributing something is better than contributing nothing…they’re all lifelong learners, and they make a point of learning in the open, so that others can learn from their failures and successes.”

Putting yourself out there on the Internet can be daunting and sometimes I think, hmmm….I have people following my blog from clear across the globe. That’s a little bit of a scary thought, but also pretty cool! A friend of mine told me a few months ago that she loves reading my posts and that it really inspires her. So if I didn’t put words to the computer I would never have an impact on her in that way. While, I may never know for sure what the value of my words have on other peoples’ lives, it is encouraging to know that there are friends and strangers reading.

The book by Kleon has encouraged me to tap into my inner creativity and provided a refreshing dose of food for thought—some of my takeaways to apply to this space include:

  • Share something small every day

  • Reach out more to other online bloggers in my sphere of interest

  • Fill my pages with my ideas and things I care about

  • Expand my audience

  • Think bigger every day

  • Never quit! 

We all need many things in our life to make us feel complete. My list includes: eating healthy, Bible study and prayer, exercise, surrounding myself with positive people, talking to and spending time with my family and friends, staying organized, the sun…and much more. And when I go days and weeks on end without writing a blog post I can tell something is missing. So why go through life doing things that make us feel unlike ourselves.  Might as well make the most of our days and take advantage of life’s beautiful moments. My blog is one way I hope to give back to the world.

About mileoneandcounting

I'm a young professional living in the Washington, DC area. Since moving here in 2007 I have honed a passion for running and fitness. Growing up I played soccer and softball (and tested track & field for one year). After college I ran a few 5K races, but running was really only a means to staying in shape for me. Never in my wildest imagination had I thought I'd ever run a marathon, let alone three. Nor did I think I'd get the running bug after doing so, but I'll admit I'm hooked! Over the years my blog has grown into so much more than a running blog though. Sometimes I have deep thoughts. Other times I'm simply sharing a training story or a review of a product. Here's the place where you'll learn about me through my many adventures--even I enjoy going back to re-read some posts from time to time. I've also been able to hone my love for health and wellness through my business called IDLife which stands for Individually Designed Life. I'd love to help inspire you to live your best life yet so please don't hesitate to reach out to me and may my words resonate with you. See you on the trails...
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